Wool Sutra Collection

The Wool Sutra Collections are an amalgam of work by some of India’s finest craftsmen, weavers, embroidery experts and specialised painters, crafting each piece with love and care.

French Hand Painted Collection

Wool Sutra’s hand painted stoles are known for their innovative designs and magnificent colour combinations. The designs are created on Silk Wool Cashmere using the Serti Technique, featuring the traditional French approach of controlling the flow of water-based dyes on silk and thereby formulating a pattern. This makes the French hand painted stoles our most coveted and unique collection and a piece from here is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.

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Lace Stoles and Ponchos

Wool Sutra’s lace stoles and ponchos are an epitome of grace and beauty. Available in a wide array of styles ranging from the very affordable Australian lace Stoles to the classy Indonesian and the luxurious and fashionable French Chantilly lace stoles, the lace collection is most versatile and tastefully put together. You could drape it with a designer outfit or just casually wrap it around your neck and instantly, the outfit gets a facelift. And, the Lace Collection is perfect for gifting, giving you yet another reason to acquire a stole or poncho instantly.

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Woven Jamawar and Jacquard Collection

Wool Sutra’s woven Jamawar and Jacquards are extremely pleasing to the eye with their intricate designs and remarkable colour combinations. Created essentially on machines, these shawls and stoles are very light in weight and the threads on the reverse side of the shawl are very neatly trimmed, thereby taking care to maintain the immaculate finish. The woven Jamawars and Jacquards stand out in attractive paisley and multi floral designs in gorgeous colours, thus appealing to myriad sensibilities.

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Papier Mache

Wool Sutra’s Papier Mache Collection occupies pride of place with the most exquisite and exclusive range. Papier mache is an indigenous art form originating from the paradisiacal Kashmir valley. Comprising of a pure Pashmina shawl in a natural base colour, embellished with vibrant and exquisite hand embroidery in multiple hues done with gleaming silken threads, the finished piece is as breathtaking as a master’s painting. The incredible craftsmanship makes the Wool Sutra Papier Mache Collection much sought after by lovers of the finer things in life.

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Wool Sutra’s spectacular Kalamkari shawls signify a culmination of art and luxury. These Pure Pashmina shawls are a blend of hand painting and hand embroidery as designs are first hand painted on the shawl and then embroidered by deft kaarigars to complement the colours. Owning a Kalamkari is a connoisseur’s delight and a worthy addition to every shawl lover’s collection.

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Antique Jamawars

Wool Sutra’s antique Jamawar Collection symbolises ultimate luxury and are a treat to behold. The term Jamawar actually denotes a robe for the body, and it is a very special Kashmiri shawl worn by women and men alike. Accentuated by floral or paisley patterns besides many other Kashmiri motifs, these Pure Pashmina shawls are like antiques which are passed from one generation to the next and are truly akin to family heirlooms.

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